FlexClip: Free Online Video Editor Makes Creating Videos Fun!

FlexClip: Free Online Video Editor Makes Creating Videos Fun!

Introducing: FlexClip

Have you ever wanted to make a short video that showcases your skills, business, or brand? Have you ever wanted to create videos but didn’t have the right tools?

Or perhaps you want to get creative and make a promotional video for your business, but you are limited by a lack of experience, time, or money. I have, and I also come across this question a lot.

In this Article, I will be reviewing FlexClip—a free online video editor that lets you make your video without having to invest in expensive video editing tools!

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a video creation tool that allows you to easily create promo videos, explainer videos, social media ads and more by using your product photos and video clips.

Using this video editing software, you can quickly create visually attractive videos. With hundreds of video templates, motion presets, and a huge stock clip collection to begin with.


In addition, it has a completely free version for video editing applications. For the purpose of this software review, I picked the Business Plan so that I could test out all of the additional features.

how does it work?

How does it work?

You won't have to spend hours learning how to use the FlexClip video editing tool once you get started. If you've never been used any other video editing software before, you'll have no problems creating videos completely.


All you need is uploading your photos or videos, then drag and drop them on the canvas in the order you want them to appear. You can also make a brief text introduction or add some music if needed. The built-in editor makes it possible for even non-professionals to edit their own video with just a few clicks!

how much it cost?

How much is this cost?

Using FlexClip, you may get this video editor for free or at a very discount price. A low monthly, yearly or lifetime deal is also available.

Each version has its own set of features and capabilities. For example, there are limits on how many projects may be saved and re-edited, as well as how many materials can be utilized.

Pricing Plans

Free plan: (Limited Plan) - Start with a FREE plan!

  • Only 480P video quality.

  • Single royalty-free use of stock video in each video.

  • Save 12 video projects under your account only.

  • The length of the video shouldn’t exceed a minute.

Basic plan: (Monthly/Annually)

  • 720P quality video for download.

  • Single royalty-free use of stock video in each video.

  • Save 50 video projects for future editing.

  • The length of the video shouldn’t exceed 3 minutes.

  • You can custom your own logo on the video as a watermark.

  • Without a watermark of FlexClip.com on your video.

Plus plan: (Monthly/Annually)

  • 480P, 720P, and 1080P video download.

  • Free use of 5 royalty-free stock videos in each video.

  • You can save 200 video projects for future editing.

  • The length of the video is 10 minutes long.

  • You can custom your own logo on the video as a watermark.

  • Without a watermark of FlexClip.com on your video.

Business plan: (Monthly/Annually) 

  • 480P, 720P, and 1080P video download.

  • Free use of 5 royalty-free stock videos in each video.

  • You can save 1000 video projects for future editing.

  • The length of the video shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes.

  • You can custom your own logo on the video as a watermark.

  • Without a watermark of FlexClip.com on your video.

Lifetime Deal plan:

You may purchase the FlexClip Lifetime Deal straight from Dealmirror, which gives us access to all of the program's features for the rest of our lives. Only $49.00 is required to get the lifetime offer. Grab it here while you can!

step by step guide checklist

Step by Step guide using FlexClip

Here are simple step by step instructions on how to get started with Flexclip.

Step 1. Go to FlexClip website and sign up for a free account. You can also simply sign in with Google or Facebook.

Step 2. Click "Start from Scratch" to enter the video editor page. You can choose either Storyboard mode or Timeline mode.

Step 3. For Storyboard mode Choose a template to start creating your video from scratch, or you can upload your own files like photos, videos and audios. While for Timeline mode you can edit your videos with multiple tracks which allow you to edit every detail with ease.

Step 4. You can trim or crop your videos or images, add text, add music, change the scene by choosing different filters, etc.

Step 5. When editing is done, click the "Export Video" button on the top right corner to save your video locally or directly share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

flexclip key features

FlexClip Key Features - This were fun happens!

FlexClip allows you the ability to produce, edit, convert, and compress videos in an instantly with ease.


Here is an example of what the software is capable of:


Video Editing Software

The video editing software is divided into parts that are dedicated to certain editing tasks.

A. Video Maker

If you go to the video creator section of the website, you'll discover a straightforward workspace where you can either start from scratch or work from pre-made templates. The workflow is referred to as a storyboard, and it makes use of linear video editing. You can import files from your computer's hard drive, memory card, or other storage device. Otherwise, you may browse through FlexClip media collection to locate relevant content.

Video editing using FlexClip is simple and fast. With a simple drag-and-drop and one-click controls, you can add post-production components like text, shapes, transitions, and other special effects. Changing the pace, brightness, and orientation of a movie are all simple to do when working with basic video editing software. Particularly amazing are the controls for slowing down and fast-forwarding.

B. Trimmer

Using FlexClip, you may simply drag your mouse to cut off certain sections of your video. There are a variety of creative options available in the program that enable you to experiment with a variety of cutting techniques.

C. Merging

It's never been simpler to combine videos. Once everything is uploaded and organized, you're ready to go!

D. Converter

A video converter isn't only about altering the file's format; it may also include other features. FlexClip video enhancer is the solution for resizing or changing the resolution of FlexClip video. You may choose from a variety of different screen sizes, including those for smartphones, tablets, and computers, and you can also personalize them. This application supports a wide range of file types for both uploading and exporting videos and images.

You may also use this tool to reduce the video resolution if your video or picture is too large.

Royalty-Free Library

I love how much material is available in the library. There are videos, backgrounds and music. You don't have to worry about copyright with FlexClip because you can use any of their royalty-free media as long as it's for advertising or marketing purposes.

Because there are so many different songs to choose from, it's great for YouTubers since it features popular background music and is constantly updated.

Screen and Voice Recorder

Demonstrating new applications or generating instructive films has never been easier with the FlexClip Screen Recorder Tool! You may add video footage to your storyboard by capturing what you're doing on the screen. If you've read other FlexClip video articles, (just search them on google) you'll know that it acts as both an editor and a recorder at the same time.

Animation Graphics

Using special effects to enhance your video is a simple using FlexClip. It's much easier to add sequences to videos using FlexClip than other editing methods. Text, forms, and icons may all be animated using FlexClip's motion effect presets and controls. Slideshows and video presentations benefit greatly from the built-in transition effects.

Easy Interface

Even if you have never edited a video before, this application makes it really easy. The user interface is clean and simple. I found out how to use the different tools and settings right away. I liked that there was a pre-made template available, but also liked the option of building my own video from scratch.

FlexClip Templates

FlexClip templates have variety of choices to choose from which makes it really Amazing!. You can pick from pre-made videos with instant videos and photos, or you can make your own videos and add text compositions, transitions, and other effects.

There are a variety of template types to choose from, including:

  • Personal Video

  • Business Video

  • Social Media Video

  • Video Tutorials

  • Marketing Video

  • Music Video

To know more about FlexClip Templates kindly visits the official website: www.flexclip.com

Video Quality 

FlexClip's free edition is limited to exporting 480p SD videos. The premium version includes high-definition video compatibility, enabling you to download videos up to 1080p full-HD resolution.


Available Project Count

The FlexClip video editor has a free program for up to 12 projects. Paid versions offer more, with the largest plan giving users access to 1000 projects per user.


Video Length

FlexClip has a video duration cap of one minute, which may be suitable for producing ads, teasers, or invites. If you need more than that, the paid version is available. It is the ideal option if you are making short films or vlogs.



Is there a watermark on FlexClip? There is no FlexClip watermark on either the free or premium versions. If you want to remove the FlexClip intro from the free version, then you must purchase the premium version. Additionally, there is a watermark option that allows you to insert your logo or phrase in the background.

pro's and con's

Pro's and Con's 


Easy to use Interface

Large media library

Excellent collection of templates

Video HD support



Limited free version

Restricted video duration

Low graphics controls

Have advance features like Text-to-speech and AI-generated content.


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Review Conclusion 

Overall, I was highly impressed with FlexClip and their video editing software. Their video editing features are so easy to use and they definitely challenge to other the design software. FlexClip has everything you need to create a professional-looking video without having to spend hours learning advanced video editing. Videos created with are of high quality and look fantastic when shared on social media channels. For people looking for a simple online video editor that won’t break the bank and will allow them to make their videos quickly, I highly recommend FlexClip a try!